Our range of corporate structuring services include advising on all types of corporate structuring, restructuring and reorganization, corporate licensing, formation of Onshore, Free Zone and Offshore companies, changes to corporate ownership structures, bankruptcy and insolvency. We also provide ongoing support and management services to include maintaining required statutory registers, licenses renewals and bank account establishments.




We represent both purchasers and sellers in planning, negotiating, and executing mergers and acquisitions around the globe. These transactions range from multiple-party complex acquisitions, cross-border transactions, strategic alliances, collaborations and joint ventures, swaps and split-ups, and other dispositions, to routine mergers.我们可代表买家或卖家在规划、谈判、执行全球范围内的进行并购。这些交易包括常规并购、多方复杂的收购、跨境交易、战略联盟、合作和联合经营等。


We advise clients at every phase of the investment lifecycle. We assist in the formation of funds for private equity sponsors and institutional investors; structure investments for private equity funds; and represent the portfolio companies of our private equity clients in a variety of transactions.

We have experience with the full range of fund formation documents, management and advisory agreements, parallel funds, co-investment and non-compete arrangements, and related documents.


  1. 股权授让契约
  2. 物权、房地产出售转让契约
  3. 产权债务完成契约
  4. 各类合同起草和审阅


We advise clients on a variety of corporate governance issues to include:我们可提供的公司管治法律服务涉及如下范畴:

  1. officer/director duties and liabilities
  2. board structure and operations
  3. charter and by-law provisions
  4. memorandum and articles of association
  5. shareholder proposals
  6. derivative and shareholder litigation
  7. executive employment and consultancy agreements
  8. executive compensation and indemnification
  1. 董事的职责和责任
  2. 董事会结构和运营
  3. 公司规章制度
  4. 公司章程
  5. 股东提案
  6. 股东诉讼
  7. 雇佣/咨询协议
  8. 赔偿和赦免
  9. 公司增资、更改地址、变更地址申请


A sale and purchase transaction involving any type of property normally comprises of various stages prior to finalization between the seller and the buyer. In the interim, (or prior to the consummation of the sale), BAC shall provide assistance in ensuring that the information exchanged regarding the property is verified and accurate prior to executing the sale and purchase agreement. We will not advise a client to proceed unless the property is clear from all kinds of undisclosed encumbrances and burdens.


We have significant experience in advising on and preparing commercial agreements covering a diverse range of areas including assets sale and purchase agreements, joint ventures, distribution, commercial agency, representation and franchise agreements, maintenance and services agreements, licensing, consultancy, advertising and marketing agreements, sale and supply of goods agreements, confidentiality, non-disclosure and data protection agreements, loan, escrow and guaranty agreements.