Strong Branding begins by thinking about prospective customers: their likes, their dislikes, their passions, and even what they hate. These things ultimately define values and priorities.

Once BAC has a sense of the ideals that both client and their prospective clients share, we can use those as a guidepost for design decisions. From tag lines to textures, from fonts to flavours, every decision should be made with the intent of speaking to those ideals, and connecting with client’s values.



We have a depth of experience in various print formats including books, brochures, posters, and post cards. BAC helps client to be ready for their next trade show by designing banners, booth backdrops, and stand up displays, and even the apparel their team wears. Everything we do is approached from the simple stand point that brand and business deserve the best custom treatment available.在企业品牌营销的具体实施中,BAC为顾客提供各种类型的企业宣传制品设计及影印服务,包括企业宣传页,服务手册、广告画报等。从宣传制品的设计,内容填充,以及具体的制版印刷,BAC为客户提供从概念到成品的整套服务。


User experience combined with good design and unique perspective is one of our streams of expertise. BAC creates appealing web designs and colourful graphics templates. BAC follows customer’s ideas and perspective and guides them on choosing better designs and layouts.随着互联网的普及,商业社会的市场营销在深度和广度上越来越依托互联网媒介,企业门户网站的通常称为顾客认识企业的第一步。BAC为顾客提供企业门户网站建立的整套服务,从网页设计、内容填充、图片和影像剪辑,到操作管理后台,为客户设计并呈现一整套便捷操作的网站系统。


In today's world, advertising uses every possible media to get its message through via television, print (newspapers, magazines, journals etc.), radio, press, internet, direct selling, mailers, contests, sponsorships, posters, clothes, events, colors, sounds, visuals and even people (endorsements).BAC为客户提供一系列多媒介多层次的广告服务,从纸质、电视、广播等传统媒介,到互联网、移动客户端媒介,帮助客户多方位有针对性的对潜在消费者进行产品宣传服务,取得广告营销事半功倍的效果。

Clients certainly aware of the ubiquity of social media websites and other modes of advertising, you may not realize that it has quickly become an important business tool and a necessary component of any all-encompassing marketing strategy. For many small business owners and non-profit organizations, managing these accounts can seem intimidating, but BAC is here to help clients put together a comprehensive social media strategy and alleviate the impact.