Located at the heart of Makati Central Business District, one of the leading financial & central business districts in the Philippines, Business Asia Consulting provides expert services for setting up a company. Having registered and dealt with hundreds of multi-national and domestic businesses in the Philippines, Business Asia Consulting understands all of the aspects of starting a new business.

Our teams of consultants and lawyers guide companies through all of the legal and logistical obstacles when entering a new market or establishing a new Philippine business.
We at Business Asia Consulting believe in developing lasting relationships with clients through solid results and outstanding personal service. We focus on providing full business solutions to all investors and assist them to launch their business easier and faster.BAC依托多年的行业经验,积累了广泛的商业及政府资源和脉络、组建了经验丰富的人才团队,可以为客户提供可靠的商业咨询建议,提供公司注册、法律指导、财务外包、人力资源外包、招聘、签证、投资等各项专业服务。